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Talk To Tom Charity Store

Our Charity Store is located at Pugin Court, St Michaels Rd, Gorey and acts as the main source of income to fund our programmes.


It relies solely on the kindness shown by the public in the form of both donation and trade, and to date has been highly successful due to support from both the community and our volunteers.


We carry a large amount of stock both new and pre-loved including household goods, children's wear, toys, and both men's and women's attire.


Stop by for a browse,  you never know what you might find and what type of bargain you might pick up all while helping a very worthy cause.



MON-SAT 10 am - 5 pm


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I volunteer at the charity store?

A:  Yes our store is completely staffed by volunteers- 

find out more about volunteering here.  

Q: Do you accept donations at the store.  

A: We accept donations to our store at Unit 2, Pugin Court, Gorey. 

Q: Do you accept furniture?

A:  Due to limitations on storage we can not accept large items of furniture at present.  

Q: What items do you accept?

A:  We accept most things including clothing, books, CD's, DVDs, toys, household items and more. 

Q: Do you do house clearances?

A: Under certain circumstances, we may be able to facilitate home or business clearances. Give us a call on (0818) 303061 to discuss further.  

Q:  Where do funds raised from the store go?

A:  All profits raised go directly towards our services. None of the staff members are paid and are all volunteers, including our store manager.  

Q: What will happen to my goods after I donate them? 

A:  Your donation will be processed and priced by our store manager and will then be labelled and made available for sale.  Higher value items may be sold via specialist sellers or via online platforms in order to obtain their true value.  

Q:  Can staff members buy items and do they get a discount?  

A: As all of our staff members are unpaid volunteers we allow them to purchase items they are interested in once they have been priced and labelled by our manager.  They do not receive any form of discount.   

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