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Our Services:


Private Counselling 

Futures In Mind has been facilitating private and confidential counselling services to the community since 2012.   We have a varied panel of fully accredited psychotherapists and mental health experts ranging in age and disciplines.   Our expert panel includes those specialising in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Child and Adolescent Services.


Child Services 

Futures In Mind continues to pledge financial and emotional support to the youngest members of our community.

Our clinical panel includes specially trained and accredited therapists who work from our dedicated child & adolescent unit in our Gorey Centre



We believe education can save lives. That's why since our very first day we have been continuously developing and growing our programme of courses and training schedules.  Our current roster of education programmes offers courses ranging from how to spot signs of suicide to how to improve your own mood and well-being as well as important training on how to over see your children's internet usage.


Bereavement Support 

Futures In Mind continue to pledge financial and emotional support to those bereaved through suicide.  We strive to be a shoulder to those in our community suffering the loss of a loved one or friend.  Our bereavement support services include care packages to families in the days following a death as well as ongoing private and group bereavement  counselling programmes.


Community Outreach

Since our inception Futures In Mind as continued to make inroads into the community with the goal of ending the stigma surrounding mental health, asking for help and suicide. This is achieved through are training programmes which to date have been rolled out in schools, public bodies such as An Garda Síochána,  and many businesses. We also strive to support other like minded organisations.


Group Sessions

Our group sessions include family and friend bereavement counselling as well as coping with depression and bereavement support groups.

These provide a safe environment to share your experiences with others who are going through similar circumstances.


Family Counselling 

Losing a loved one through suicide is one of the most difficult and challenging situations any family will ever face.  In the days, months and even years following your loss you will be confronted with questions you may never find the answers to.  At Futures In Mindwe have found that family group therapy can help you through this heartbreaking time.

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