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Futures In Mind has been facilitating private and confidential counselling services to the community since 2012. We have a varied panel of fully accredited psychotherapists and mental health experts ranging in age and disciplines.  Our expert panel includes those specialising in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Child and Adolescent Services.

What is counselling ?

Counselling or psychotherapy is a talking therapy which aims to help a person identify, understand, and resolve issues of concern in their lives.


Through availing of counselling/psychotherapy it is hoped that a person will have developed life skills, resources and the confidence to deal with challenges they are currently facing.

How Much Does It Cost ?

It's 100% Free. We know that times are tough and we believe that when accessing the services we facilitate questions like ' can I afford this ?' should never be a factor. All we ask is that if you can afford to pay a small amount towards your sessions that you do. This can be anywhere from €5 to the full amount. This will allow us to have extra funds for someone who has fallen on tough times. If you can't afford anything - that's OK too. We are here for you.

Does treatment involve medication ?

We don’t prescribe medication. We work with the person, their doctor and their family to improve their well-being.

How can I avail of these services ?

Simply give us a call on (0818) 303061, an email to, or fill in the form below. 

What to expect ?

A person seeking therapy will be offered an initial consultation session to discuss their needs with a therapist and to decide on the best treatment plan for them. The person can choose whether they wish to continue with therapy and with the therapist or they can explore other options within Futures In Mind and beyond. If the individual decides to continue, therapy usually lasts anywhere between four to ten weeks - depending on the person seeking assistance.

Where does it take place ?

Counselling usually takes place at our centre at Pugin Court,  St Michael's Road, Gorey or other various locations across the South East.

Who is eligible ?

Anybody is eligible.  No matter your means or your circumstances. Group, family, bereavement, child and adolescent services are available.  

What happens after ? 

What happens after attending Futures In Mind?   We’ll make sure that you have the tools to continue your recovery after your time with us. This might mean on-going support with another counsellor.


We also offer a wide range of training programmes that may be beneficial in helping you to learn how to cope with various life situations. You can learn more here.

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