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'Walk With Us' event raises over €2,000 for Talk To Tom

The 'Walk With Us for Mental Health' event organised by the McDonald family has raised over €2,000 for Talk To Tom.

McDonald family has raised over €2,000 for Talk To Tom.

The stunning walk, which was held on Sunday September 23rd, saw walkers scale the lush rolling hills surrounding the Wicklow mountains.

Participants then gathered on Farneese Hill for quite reflection, and music.

The event was organised by the McDonald family to celebrate the life of their loved one, Liam, on the 21st anniversary of his passing.

As well as Talk To Tom, funds-raised also went to the Sophia Counselling Centre in Kiltegan, Co Wicklow.

Speaking after the walk, organiser Paula Boland said they were delighted to help a cause which is so close to her heart.

"This event has been a huge stepping stone for our family, and we are committed to working to help people suffering from mental health issues," she said.

"Thank you to the team at Talk To Tom for what you do to help the most vulnerable," added Ms Boland.

Liam's sister, Loretta, penned a moving poem in memory of her brother which she has asked us to share - in the hope of helping others.

Thank you to all involved in this amazing event.


Liam, you loved your family through,

Beyond our fights and chaos crew.

You adored your football and soccer days,

John Barnes was your idol during your corner practice craze.

Packing bails, hurling sliotars, scoring goals in the corner,

Lifting sheep, milking cows, ram’s at sales, you were a right farmer !

O Connor’s Tinahely playing pool, at twelve you could beat many so cool,

Oh Your talents were much - did you really need school ?

And school you loved where you met many great friends,

Who laughed with you, cried with you and helped you to the end.

The lads and ladies who have treasured you through-out,

Are part of our family and will never go without.

To our neighbours and friends - we will cherish you forever,

Words will never be enough for what you tried to endeavour.

You know what we mean, and our family are indebted,

We are here for you always and will be forever in credit.

Liam, twenty-one years without you is a tough fact to say,

Your impact on our lives will never fade away.

We were all so close, we wish you had felt able to say,

I’m struggling, I need you, and I’M NOT OK!

To those who are struggling with torment and stuff,

Believe in today and tomorrow won’t be as rough.

Its ok to say – I’m not ok – relieve that heavy load,

Talk to one person and let them help you on the road.

We all need to create a more, gentle caring space for mental health wellness,

And be more aware that it’s anyone and everyone that can feel helpless.

Liam, we know if you were to give some advice,

It would be to say, talk to someone, talk to someone and you wouldn’t think twice.

Liam as you are about to turn 40 and here is what we say,

Happy Birthday To You Forever and ever and especially today.

We hope you enjoy your peace and freedom in your world away,

You are forever in our hearts, today, tomorrow and every day.

Liam our days together were mighty craic,

You cracked great jokes and we wish we had it back.

But memories last eternally and they will never diminish

You and Pat are together and that is our family wish.

Unconditional love is what gives family great meaning,

For everyone here today, thank you for sharing,

We remember everyone today whom we have all lost,

May they be forever at peace feeling love with no cost.

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